The RawCutJerry, a pendant light handmade from upcycled Milk Jerrycans


As I started the business in 2010, I started with this pendant light. The material looks like mother-of-pearl or frosted glass but ís actually plastic from Dutch milk containers. The plastic is punched into rectangles and woven together with a coloured band. Every Milk brand uses a slightly different plastic. By combinating the different brands in one lamp, the RawCutJerry gets a subtile mosaic.


In 2012 I was followed by Dutch television in my progress to start a new business. If you saw the program, you might remember these lamps.




Handling instructions:

(For fun but serious.)


In collaboration with  designer Ilona Ter Horst from  studio ELF  five employees of the social workshop of Zorg instelling Horst made the lamps for their cantine themselves.