the fabulous art surprise subscription

What is it?


The FASS is a subscription to an art parcel through your letterbox every uneven month


What’s in the parcel? A surprise! That is why we call it the surprise subscription.


But to give you an idea, it might be an original piece of art, a little hand drawn picture book or maybe the ingredients to make your own stop-motion movie.


There’ll be something original and different every time.


The content of an artful parcel is always something to love and lovable by the planet.


The basis of the objects are illustrations made from plastic bags saved from the Amsterdam streets and everywhere else I go.


how does it work?

  • Choose your subscription on the website.
  • When signing up you confirm the address where the parcel needs sending to. This can be to yourself.
  • The pieces of art are without text or language. The accompanying leaflet can be in Dutch or English. Choose your preferred language.
  • Every first week of an uneven month a surprise will drop into your house! No need to stay home, it will fit right through your letterbox.
  • if it is a gift to someone else you'll get a giftcard to give the person on the special day.
  • Your subscription ends automatically.
  • You can start at any time.



What does it cost?


12 month subscription: € 160 ,-  6 ART parcels

  6 month subscription: € 85,-     3 ART parcels


Extension after 6 months:  € 75,-  Another 3 parcels*


Are you fully smitten with the idea already then order the two-year subscription for only € 275,- and 12 parcels in your letterbox!**


The subscription  includes postage and taxes***


 Please Note:


* The special extending offer ends two weeks after you have received the 3 parcel.


* *The two-year discount applies only when you pay in full.

*** In Europe. Shipping costs for the rest of the world apply when ordering