Art & Illustrations, the story

At the end of 2017 I discovered making illustrations from re-used plastic bags I find on the streets. I adored seeing all the possibilities by ironing different colours on top of each other. I decided to concentrate on this kind of upcycling for a while. Since then I am making small but mighty artworks that I sell on markets and in my webshop. The stock will change constantly.


 I also aim to make artworks that can be sold but need to be seen by as many people as possible before. So I make different series of artworks that can travel from one exhibition to another.

 One of the series is called BIRDS. As birds are especially endangered by plastic swirling around I have chosen this kind of animals for a seires. The artworks do have different sizes. The biggest so far is the Peacock measuring 1 x 1 meter. The smallest are the Cranes with a size of DIN A4.  I am aiming for as many as 20 birds to be able to travel to exhibitions.


Some of the artworks I use to make gifts and stationary. I try to let them be manufactured as sustainable as possible. The current products you can find in my webshop.


And sometimes it is the other way around. I made the artwork LOVE especially to print and make gifts and cards for occasions such as Valentines Day or a Marriage. Looking to the outcome over and over again I fell in love with the Fox and Ostrich so I am thinking about giving them an own series. I hope to tell you in a year or so from now, Foxy and the Ostrich became a childrensbook. If you can and are willing to help me achieve my goal please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Small but mighty artworks so cute you start to be a collector before you know it

how it is made

Gifts printed from the artworks