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Henriette Ronnerplein 3-IV

NL-1073 KS Amsterdam


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Parkstraat 68

NL- Zaandam

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Join our network of collectors!

and play an elementary role in getting a circulair economy  and clean streets!

Would you like to be part of our collecting network?

It is very easy. Just pick litter from the street and send it to us. It does not cost you anything, we will pay the delivery costs. We will also send a thank you present back to you or to someone you want to surprise.


At the moment we need plastic bottles, plastic bottle-caps, milk-containers and the fabric of umbrella's.

But if you find small interesting objects on the street or you have a lot of  left over stuff at work do not hesitate to ask if we can use it. You never know if your items will be the start of a new product.