Pou-Belle Design is founded in 2010 by Amsterdam based artist Elze van den Akker. 


Pou-Belle Design aims to raise awareness for the huge amount of plastic that is thrown away every day. At the same time she transforms the existing plastic already there in unique design products to avoid it being discarded. She upscales low quality plastic in high quality products.


The plastic used is collected by a big network of people like you and me. They either use the plastic themselves or save it from the street, waste bin and beaches.  The collectors of Pou-Belle Design believe in re-use and love beautiful things made with love for the environment and humanity.


Only a few months after the foundation Pou-Belle Design won the Ernst & Young sustainable entrepreneur challenge.

In 2014 her design BottleCapButton won the Duurzamedesignbattle of Voor De Wereld Van Morgen.


Beside being Product Designer Elze works as Theatre Designer, makes Illustrations and Sand-drawings. An overview of all her work can be found at the (Dutch only) website: www.elzevandenakker.nl