Jewellery is our latest design made from the bottom of plastic bottles. Unique pendants & earrings that make you steal every show.



Strong & bright coloured buttons handmade from used plastic bottle caps.

For that one detail that makes your style unique.

Pendant light


Plastic Milk containers were the start for this pendant light. Available in any size you wish. Black or white frame.


Sweet Concrete

Unique vases made from used plastic bottles with a stable concrete base.

Pick your favourite or let us make you a one-of-a-kind.

Unique and sustainable

After a short life of being packaging for food we give the material a new lease of life. We transform it into an exclusive gift with visible traces of it's previous life.

Our aim is to extend the life of the material and generate lots of happiness.

Handmade must-haves

All our products are handmade with love for the environment and humanity. We aim for being fashionable and sustainable in one.

It is a Must-Have for everyone loving beautiful things and nature.

About us:

We love to make long walks, through both nature and cities, finding and learning about new plants or discover best coffee in small alleys. It is instant happiness. We would like the next generation to have this happiness too. So if we see a piece of litter along the way, we take it, but instead of throwing it away we transform it into a beautiful gift.


Yes, we need to ban plastic and we do everything we can to make that happen. However, we are not magicians that can make existing plastic disappear. So we decided to upscale the litter. To make fantastic irresistible objects ours ánd your grandgrand children can really enjoy and give instant happiness for a long time.

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